135 Circumcision and the Abrahamic Covenant!

Prophecy 135 Circumcision and the Abrahamic Covenant

Spoken under the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH
through Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah
on November 27, 2016

Just be at peace MY Children for you are in the palm of MY hand, you are under the shelter of MY wings. All of these young men are circumcised in the heart and now they want to follow and make a new covenant with ME as Abraham did. Why, why, why, would I allow anything to go wrong for your hands are anointed Ezra.

Oh MY son Ezra I shall bless everything your hand touches, every instrument that you use pray a blessing upon it – remind each son that YAH is pleased with them for they prove their love in another way as they come under another covenant, a new covenant for they already have the Blood Covenant of YAHUSHUA.

Ezra you will make the video and it is as you have said you were there as a father, the spiritual father – the head of the Ministry to be with your sons before they entered into surgery and just like they follow with the head covering, look how they are already following with the circumcision. You just speak in words that they can understand Ezra. Make it simple enough that a child can understand for these are the rules that I’ve always given Elisheva.

And Ezra when you make this circumcision video, you let all those who are listening, who could not be there for you to lay hands on them and give this special blessing, to know this. As they obey ME and enter into this Abraham Covenant it is as if they were standing there.

Encourage them to write the Ministry, for all those who are circumcised in heart and circumcised in flesh, under the new Blood Covenant of YAHUSHUA and I, YAHUVEH’S Abraham Covenant, that is a double blessing! To those who will receive that is a double Anointing!

You are not saying circumcision saves anyone, for those who will attack. You will always teach that only the Name and the Blood of YAHUSHUA is the remission for sins. But the Abraham Covenant, is taking it a step further, is saying “I want to do all that YOU have commanded for me to do ABBA YAH”, as the young men and the old men speak, who belong to ME.

Only this. I AM going to send forth MY Children, some who don’t even know yet they’re MY children, from the 4 corners of the earth, to hear of this Ministry, if it be either by word of mouth, social media, or by computer, I tell you this, they shall come!

You please ME Ezra and when you return you shall teach on circumcision (Genesis 17:1-27) and one by one the children who are not really children but young men for it will be the other young men who will follow their example when they are healed and they explain the reason why they wanted to be under the Abrahamic Covenant also and you Ezra will do a teaching on it as I said and Adam’s video shall be there for people just do not understand why it is necessary when they’re under the Blood of YAHUSHUA.

then came the circumcision of the flesh in obedience to MY Laws so you could be under the Abraham Covenant (Genesis 17:1-27) you sacrificed your flesh – you were willing to go through the pain that is but temporary and even when you see the blood remember this is not just Abraham’s Covenant but this is a reminder of the Blood that was shed for you at Calvary

MY son i say well done! I am so pleased with you! For teaching the Abraham covenant

(Genesis 17:1-27). I’m so pleased with you. For now they all will walk in a new anointing. They were willing to suffer the pain of the flesh to obey the spirit and I am so pleased with them. this goes for everyone who has followed the example of one another as you led the way and with the teaching. Now you must teach everyone at Amightywind.

Again each one of the children shall walk in a stronger anointing the ones that you have there now recently circumcised and that again goes for all, all, all who are newly getting circumcised. You see in the hospital it was a policy that a child was circumcised – it was just assumed, it had nothing to do with Holiness and then the rules changed for satan does not want them to walk in that new covenant just as surely he doesn’t want them to walk in the new blood covenant of YAHUSHUA but you are going going to stress the importance and even share the testimony of how the demons flee and it’s going to make it even easier to obey ME, I YAHUVEH and MY SON YAHUSHUA and IMMAYAH the sweet RUACH HA KODESH.

I am so pleased with you son for the responsibility that you’ve taken and you’ve done for all those that were circumcised and MY beloved son I want you even to the Polish congregation to take the time to tell them how important and how please I YAHUVEH am that they are now under the Abrahamic Covenant in MY timing son you are going to put together that video and teach on this the importance of it for it was not you Elisheva that was to teach on this. It was not you Elisheva that was to teach the Torah. You have done what you were told to do. You just had to wait for Ezra to come to fulfil and help complete what I want done!

Elisheva: Is there anything else ABBA YAH?

ABBA YAHUVEH This is the way YOU’RE having me to pray right now for peace, peace, peace, peace on these young ones and peace . I just want you to know that I just keep hearing this again and again how pleased YAH is with you. HE just keeps telling me to tell you how please HE is with you, how much HE loves you, how you are leading all these young men and even by the hand YAH will lead your hand for you are their Dad, their spiritual Dad and HE is using you just as surely as like you said and you must tell them YAH says exactly what you told me remind them that it is the father that holds the baby, this will comfort them. And just pray over each one of them YAH says pray for peace for each one. I just see a vision and YAHUSHUA is going to stand right beside each one of them, each one of them as they’re laying on that table. YAHUSHUA I telling me to reassure them HE is going to stand beside each one of them.

I love all of them even more than you love them, and I will allow no harm to come to them especially your husband Ezra.. I ABBA YAHUVEH and I YAHUSHUA and I IMMAYAH remind you WE love you – all of you, all of OUR sons and all of OUR daughters , remember to keep them in prayer, for I have dispatched legions of Holy angels to protect you, and to protect all of you.

So keep calling forth the translators ( the Hebrew translators ) ! So you can feed them. So you can nurture them. The International Bride of YAHUSHUA is scattered in the 4 corners of the earth and so are the guests who will be at the Marriage supper of the LAMB.

This is all I have to say to you.

End of Word given by Elisheva Eliyahu

So it is spoken and written through YAHUSHUA’S child, warrior, Bride Hanukkah 2005
Elisabeth {Elisheva} Elijah {Eliyahu}

End of Word

Elisabeth: Thank YOU. That’s all I hear! Praise YAHUSHUA, ABBA YAHUVEH! HalleluYah precious RUACH HA KODESH! Thank YOU. Thank YOU. Thank YOU.